Capitilizer: AlertGBV collaborates with WETECH for access to microcredit for GBV survivors

Driven by the desire to participate more actively in improving access to finance for female entrepreneurs in Africa, while at the same time creating a lasting social impact, WETECH is launching a special lending service called “CAPITILIZER” to provide funding for small female businesses.


This first phase of the Capitilizer project, deployed in partnership with the AlertGBV platform (also set up by WETECH) aims to support WETECH’s social impact in the fight against Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Capitilizer also seeks to concretely address the financial inclusion of women, particularly those who are most disadvantaged or neglected by the traditional banking system due to their economic and social situation. The next phase of deployment of the capitilizer service will allow women entrepreneurs in general to obtain considerably higher loan amounts.


For its initial launch, Capitilizer is targeting women survivors of Gender-Based Violence and internally displaced women. The eligibility criteria for obtaining these loans are as follows:


Selection Criteria

  • Be an internally displaced woman or a victim of Gender-Based Violence.
  • Have a viable business in need of additional funds to scale the operations.
  • ⁠Be a resident in one of the target geographical areas.


Amounts and Interest Rates

  • Each lending ticket has a value of 25,000 FCFA.
  • Beneficiaries can obtain a minimum of one (1) ticket and a maximum of three (3) tickets per lending round.
  • Interest rates are fixed at 2.5% per month and are calculated on the effective months of repayment.


Repayment Scheme

  • Repayment is done in monthly amounts comprising part of the capital and monthly interest rate.
  • The maximum effective repayment period is three (3) months. This means that beneficiaries reimburse the full amount of the loan and interest in a maximum of four (4) payments.


Geographically, for the first call going from February to June 2024, the lending service targets women in the following areas:

  • Center region (Yaounde);
  • Littoral region (Douala, Loum and Mbanga);
  • West region (Bafoussam and Dschang).



An application form has therefore been set up with the aim of collecting information on applicants interested in benefiting from the lending service. To apply for our micro-loans, kindly fill out the application form available here:

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